Almost vacation time

Damn, almost here again. Haven’t gone anywhere since my damn van broke down in Virginia last June, just basically sat on my ass the last two or three vacations. I am ready as hell for this one. Going to see S friend in Hilton Head Island, woot. If we could only ditch the kids it would be even better. Almost pointless though, since she has six children. What the hell, six or nine, once you hit more than one, it’s the same loudness level anyhow.

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  • Why did they request DNA samples from George,Cindy and Lee? I read that George and Cindy gave DNA samples willingly but Lee refused. I found this a little odd.

  • What concerns me is the fact that Lee refused. Since most murders are committed by people that know the victims it’s almost standard operating procedure to take DNA samples from the people closest, particularly in this case because any of the others could have at least been involved in the coverup.

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