Losing your freedom

WASHINGTON (AP) – A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that people who refuse to give their names to police can be arrested, even if they’ve done nothing wrong.
The court previously had said police may briefly detain people they suspect of wrongdoing, without any proof. But until now, the justices had never held that during those encounters a person must reveal their identity.
The court’s 5-4 decision upholds laws in at least 21 states giving police the right to ask people their name and jail those who don’t cooperate. Law enforcement officials say identification requests are a routine part of detective work.

I don’t have any kind of eloquent argument against this, I will leave that to all the other bullshit artists. but to me this just means giving away more of my freedom and personal property rights. The more rights and freedom that you give away to “protect” yourself eventually lead to not being free OR protected.
One of the arguments that led to this narrow decision was that in this “day of terroists” we would be protecting the terrorists and other criminals by not doing this.