Just got back this afternoon. Tried to post remotely, but for some reason it wasn’t working properly. Spent the week in Hilton Head. Was definately a blast. Took a few pictures, I will try to get time to post them tommorow.
Went out and bought a new grill this afternoon, and a shitload of brick, finally finished putting in a small patio around 10:30 this evening. Not perfectly even, but I think it looks pretty fucking good. Put it in a few feet from the goldfish pond which is doing fairly well.

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  • How The Lord Of The Rings Should Have Ended

    Interesting and funny alternate ending to The Lord Of The Rings might have ended if someone had noticed the major plot flaw. A major tip o’ the cap to my wonderful wife for discovering this little gem.

  • The RNC Commericial that Should Be Running

    I took this YouTube video (thanks to the original author for doing all the hard work) and simply added two seconds of video and sound to the beginning and the end.
    Obama sat in the pews for of TUCC for 20 years. Remember this little gem from Obama…

  • Blog Talk Radio Censorship

    Who needs the Fairness Doctrine when you can just start pulling plugs?
    Tracy at No Compromise When It Comes To Being Right has had the plug pulled on her Blog Talk Radio show.  Why?  Because she dared speak out against The One.
    Yesterday I had attor…

  • at least he admits it

    Straight from Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s mouth: It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success too. … I think that…

  • How Do You Spell Voter Fraud?

    Podcast Show Notes
    How do you spell voter fraud? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E and the 15 state strategy  of ACORN. (Hat Tip: Campaign Spot.)
    McCain’s ACORN ties. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.)
    Attempts at registering out of State students in Virginia bac…

  • How Inflation Happens

    Bart Fuller tells an instructive story at Mises.org.
    Items for sale included various candy bars, treats and toys, with a couple of gift cards to ice cream shops and bookstores to make it interesting. Everyone who took part started out with the same…

  • Michelle Obama’s “API” Phone Call

    The Obama citizenship drama continues…
    Texas Darlin’ has an article up titled, “*Breaking* Did Michelle Confirm Barack is Indonesian? [Update]“
    According to African Press International, Michelle Obama called API to complain ab…

  • Michael Palin for President

    Ok, let’s keep a sense of humour.
    Trackposted to Stop the ACLU, Sister Toldjah, Hot Air, The Virtuous Republic, , , third world county, The World According to Carl, Walls of the City, DragonLady’s World, Shadowscope, The Pink Flamingo, Ca…

  • A Legitimate Reason To Punch Your Kid

    Could you imagine your kid doing this?
    The indoctrination never ends does it…..
    Trackposted to The Virtuous Republic, , , third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, The World According to Carl, Walls of the City, DragonLady’s World, Shadowsc…

  • The politics of destruction and distraction

    Make sure your papers are in order and any personal controversies, errors, embarrassments and so on, are not documented, or known by anyone at all. Does that sound rather impossible? Well then, just never ever get involved in politics or …

  • The real problems with Ayers

    The subject of William Ayers has been one of great debate, with a lot of diverse opinions weighing in.
    To some, he will always be a traitor.  An unrepentant terrorist and rebel who formally declared war on his country, who bombed his own country, who …

  • La Pequeña Sarah Palin: Disturbing?

    So twisted, so disturbing, so funny?…
    Viva La Pequeña!  But I think I’m gonna be sick.
    Luckily, “it” doesn’t star in Nailin Paylin.
    Paulie is so disturbed he’s gone to church.
    Trackposted to The Virtuous Republic…

  • Joe The Plumber Worse Than A.C.O.R.N.?

    Obama campaign demands prosecutor look into voter reg. of Joe Wurzelbacher.
    Steve Young:
    The Obama camapign claims that the alleged Toledo plumber, aka JoeThe Plumber, who became the hot topic of the last Presidential debate due to his rope-line…

  • Palin on SNL

    I just watched the two skits over on HuffPo.  Watch yourself here.
    First, I admire her for confronting it directly.  SNL has been ruthless in portraying her as a fool. 
    Now that is nothing new, SNL portrays everyone as a fool, but even with that in …

  • Gov. Palin SNL Appearances

    She must have taken 3 showers after having to touch Alec Baldwin, yuck!
    And some more.
    I wonder if she cured any of the cast and crew of the Obama disease….
    Let’s see what the kind and gracious HuffPo crowd had to say:
    Was it me or could…

  • Prominent Black Leaders Support McCain, but not Colin Powell

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has cast his lot with presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, saying that his support for Obama does not mean that the war in Iraq was wrong. Powell explained his support for Obama by…

  • Twinkies In Zimbabwe Are Racist

    Or something like that.
    The lovely Michelle Malkin drew a correlation between Obama’s “spread the wealth” plans for America and the Mugabe thugs doing the same in Zimbabwe.  While Mugabe like tactics aren’t under way in Americ…

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