I Think Everyone should have fewer freedoms
I don’t, really, but I chose this title as the apparent mantra of some of the most prominent political choices.
Democrats feel wealthy people should have less control over their own money, employers should have less freedom to decide who they can and can’t hire, colleges should have less freedom regarding admissions choices, Christians should have less freedom expressing themselves in a public arena.
Republicans feel individuals should have less freedom deciding who they can and can’t marry, citizens should have less freedom to publicly criticize the government, citizens should have less freedom to make stupid lifestyle choices.
This is but a small sampling of the infringement of freedoms that is part of the character of both parties. There are individuals within each party that are exceptions, but I am speaking about the “official” party policy.
In this day and age, the Libertarian Party is becoming increasingly relevant.
signing off,
Gideon MacLeish