Taking the kids to Six Flags this morning, at least the two oldest. Ruth is going to church with her babysitter and will hang out there until this evening. It was interesting looking for tickets. Gate admission is something like $44. Online they are $35. You can get $15 off gate admission with coke cans, or go to publix and pay $25. Needless to say, I did my grocery shopping at Publix last night. Three adult tickets for $75 ain’t bad considering.
Of course Chris is pouting because he couldn’t find any friends that could go today, so he wants to stay home, says he won’t have fun, blah, blah. I hate it. He’s getting ready now. I remember how difficult it was being 16 (actually I went through most of my fucked up moodiness prior to turning 16, by then I was gone from home most of the time) but that doesn’t mean that he can exclude himself from family activities. Will post some pics later.