FBI to help Aruba in investigation

From Scared Monkeys

Apparently the Aruban government has ordered law enforcement officials to hand over everything to do with the Natalie Holloway investigation to the FBI. Good deal. It has been so long that they may not be able to find anything now, but at least with the help of the FBI there IS a chance.

3 throughts on "FBI to help Aruba in investigation"

  1. Shouldn’t DNA be taken from the parents of the suspects also,just incase any or one of the short hair belongs to the suspects. It would save needless time of waiting for any other delays in the case.

  2. I think that asking the parents in this particular case for hair samples to campare DNA is just more wasted time, money and resources.

  3. I wonder if Joran had a key to the racquet club and possible access to a video camera on the racquet club premises.
    Might be a good place to look.

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