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I have come across a few more LOST links to visit. Make sure to call the 877 number from the Hanso Foundation TV Commercial that aired on May 3rd. Goddam commercial skipping that I do, I never would have known about it if someone had not posted about it on one of the forums that I read.

LOST Dharma Initiative

East-Southeast will let you click into the Hanso foundation, make sure to tell them you are one of the good ones.



I could really waste a lot of time doing this.

And I am – UPDATED 6pm. I actually did go to work today, I have spent a few minutes surfing, here are some more links for your perusal.


You can actually go to the main URL (lostpedia.com/wiki but this page had a lot of cool information.

Apparently Persephone will give you a password when you call the 877 number which will let you enter a portion of the Hanso website that has to do with The Lost Experience (an alternate reality game). Will check it out.

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  • Richard! Don’t you think it’s a slap in the face ironic that the detectives working this case were out there in the trenches with TES, looking for this missing child, yet every member of the Anthony family that COULD join them, didn’t?
    Cindy Anthony was on TV, defending the actions of her lying sociopathic daughter, insisting there never was a dead body in the car and also demanding other people search for her missing grandchild.
    George has given up the poster shirts the last two days featuring his missing grandchild and chose to fertilize his lawn this morning.
    Lee, MIA. Who knows where he was.

  • Hey guys,what is your opinions on this?
    i know most of us are skeptic about certain psychics but even without them its a theory!
    I know that psychics have tried to help and i myself am skeptic too but this kimmie rose,in particular stated that Caylee wants her to tell about the man who hit/hid her,even if a psychic isnt real it still makes you wonder because of everyones actions.
    it made me think if i am not mistaken that Tony Lazzaro had some repair work done to his…i believe jeep in his statement? and his dad paid for the repairs and then the psychic says to tell them about the man at the auto parts store,and that Caylee knows that who killed her didn’t mean to,
    so would there be any chance that either Tony Or Ricardo,and casey got into a heated argument as Amy tells us they had bad fights like that alot and maybe she got ran over by one of them or hurt bad,because the psychic’s brian and gale said it was an accident and drugs couldn’t kill the pain.
    So they put her in the trunk because also she said Tony picked her up there right? or maybe they took Caylee’s body somewhere and then brought the car back to amscot.casey spent the night with ricardo on the 9th and 10th,wasnt it??
    oops,sorry caps again!!
    do you all remember what was wrong with tonys jeep??

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