LOST links

I have come across a few more LOST links to visit. Make sure to call the 877 number from the Hanso Foundation TV Commercial that aired on May 3rd. Goddam commercial skipping that I do, I never would have known about it if someone had not posted about it on one of the forums that I read.

LOST Dharma Initiative

East-Southeast will let you click into the Hanso foundation, make sure to tell them you are one of the good ones.



I could really waste a lot of time doing this.

And I am – UPDATED 6pm. I actually did go to work today, I have spent a few minutes surfing, here are some more links for your perusal.


You can actually go to the main URL (lostpedia.com/wiki but this page had a lot of cool information.

Apparently Persephone will give you a password when you call the 877 number which will let you enter a portion of the Hanso website that has to do with The Lost Experience (an alternate reality game). Will check it out.