More LOST clues

If you stay at the Hanso Foundation long enough, the 4 flashing numbers on the clock turn into the word OBEY as well as turning into a hyperlink to sublymonal.

Click on the screens to unlock. Just haven’t figured out where to use the code yet. I am sure it has been posted at one of the blogs about it, since I am a little behind. If I can’t find it today I may see if I can find it.

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  • She’s got a serious case of denial doesn’t she?
    The evidence is nothing new, it’s just that the sheriff’s office finally confirmed it. You can be sure they had already told the Anthonys as well as Jose Baez what it showed.
    Supposedly Jose Baez had been trying all afternoon and evening to work out bringing in Casey to turn her in but they chose to show up in front of everyone and do it publicly. Judging from the ugly crowd out front and what could have happened there, I think that the public arrest helped to diffuse the situtation and most likely kept someone else from getting hurt.

  • Okay, so after listening to that soundclip – I agree, there was nothing psychic about that, however – it was very clear that she is tired, frustrated and hopeful that they did find Caylee. I do believe that psychics who are truly gifted (I do believe that there are some who have more better usage of their brain power than others) can provide added value to cases.
    That being said, Florida’s a pretty big state with a lot of crime and so I think it’s entirely possible that as a result of this case they may have stumbled upon something else. I do think that secrets of any kind in this day in age are near to impossible to keep; if Caylee had been found I don’t think that would be something that could be contained successfully.
    Defense attorneys are a different kind of animal; I don’t believe that Baez was trying to get Casey to come in on her own – I think he’s been actively working her defense. It was apparent he was stumbling during the press conference on Friday when she was brought in — I don’t think anyone saw that coming. I think that they figured the arrest warrant wouldn’t get done before the long holiday weekend, and so they had time. His job is to defend her even in the face of guilt – so for him to say that he was trying to get her in on her own would contradict that, esp. on charges that were unrelated to the Caylee’s disappearance. For him to insist that he can’t divulge information as to why Caylee is alive because it would “tip his hand” was just a way to deflect off his client on to the police.
    Personally, I don’t think the police cared about the public face of the arrest – I think they capitalized on the fact that they had the warrant and didn’t want to waste any time on the alone time they wanted with Casey. Since her release she’s been coddled and nurtured – still calling the shots on what she does or doesn’t want to discuss – and I think that has frustrated everyone in this case.
    Even Padilla – who was villified in the media, and I”m not really sure why – was frustrated at the lack of accessibility to Casey, which was part of the original bond agreement. She completely refused to discuss the case or shed light in the situation, and I think the police as well as the bondsmen gave her ample time to cooperate.
    One thing I do believe is that when they do find Caylee – her grandmother is going to be completely destroyed. She’s in such a state of denial, it’s almost painful for me to see her. She’s losing both her grand daughter AND her daughter -and I can’t imagine what that must feel like. No wonder she’s angry and lashing out – I dont understand why there’s such a lack of compassion towards Casey’s family; they’re just as much vicitims in this as Caylee is.
    If this is a somewhat duplicate messge I”m sorry! I wrote something a few minutes ago and the system declined it.

  • That being said, Florida’s a pretty big state with a lot of crime and so I think it’s entirely possible that as a result of this case they may have stumbled upon something else. I do think that secrets of any kind in this day in age are near to impossible to keep; if Caylee had been found I don’t think that would be something that could be contained successfully.

    That’s pretty much what I think happened. Anyway, it may not even have been a body, although I am certainly interested in hearing more about it.
    As for the rest, I think that the media and most of the people watching it are really out of control. The Padillas were doing the best they could trying to help out. I think that they were somewhat used by Baez though. He’s (Baez) just doing his job though. Folks that aren’t acquainted with defense attorneys don’t really understand that or how they are supposed to do their job. They assume that Baez show intuitively ‘know’ that Casey is guilty and should be browbeating her into telling the truth. Even if he knew for sure she was guilty he is still ethically required to try and get her the most lenient punishment he can.

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  • I personally believe that little Caylee is dead,
    I mean come on how much evidence do you actually need!
    For one thing, Casey doesn’t even act really concerned about her daughter, even when she was first missing. Casey was drinking and partying instuff…and due to the evidence from test..there was a dead body in the back of Casey trunk! I mean come on…they need to arrest this woman!
    Caylee is with Jesus.

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  • Remember Casey borrowed her friends car – maybe Casey dropped the body in a rush possibly her own back yard then looked for a place to put her or dug a hole to put her in – then when the car ran out of gas she then borrowed her friends car and went back to pick up the body and move it to the park & I say the park because Casey is fast on her feet with her lies. The reason she told investigators that she turned Caylee over to Zanida in the park is because it will cover her ass when they find the body there and she can say Zanida did it & this way in her own mind she can some what save face with her mother and father. She said in one interview that she knew her mother was never going to forgive her this seems to be more important to her than any thing else & this lie will be easy for her to sell to her mother and father hopefully as far as she is concerned keep her mother and father on her side. THIS HAS TO BE PRETTY CLOSE TO WHAT HAPPENED

  • LINDA! You are smart! You need to call Nancy Grace and say that stuff…wow I agree with you. I totally agree!

  • Casey says a lot when she says nothing. She remarked she didn’t trust the police?? That’s because every time her lips are moving they know she is lying and they told her so. They didn’t feel sorry for her they had to deal with her just too bad they couldn’t get out the old rubber hose.
    If Casey is talking at the lawyers office it is because she believes he believes her. Maybe yes maybe no. He is trying to build a case and any lie he believes out of her mouth had better be checked out and proven every which way to Sunday.
    Jose Baez isn’t all that intelligent. I heard him one night on the television and he was having to use OK after every sentence. That to me does not a smart person make.
    Has any one noticed the big smile on Jose Baez face when leaving his office after spending all day locked in his office with Casey.
    It would be easier to find out who she hasn’t slept with than to try to count those she has. Casey had to come up with a name of the father and she did but does any one know how long the list is she had to choose from? I don’t think she really knows
    Casey went home with Tony the first night and just never left. I suspect Cindy was watching the baby every night up to this time and now Casey had this excess baggage (Caylee). This woman is cold as dry ice. She hasn’t a conscience and the look on her face and in her eyes the night she was taken back to jail looked dead. It’s as if the lights are on but no body is home. I am not sure she has a reality, she may live some fantasy life in her head and doesn’t see anything that we see.

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