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    Why is stem cell research such a big fucking deal to those in power, particularly right-wing Republicans? I am not particularly prone to paranoia and illusions of shadowy figures running the government, but what would happen if we could find cures for some of the diseases that ail us? What if Diabetes were cured for instance? It would severely hurt pharmaceutical companies, since they are not in business to find CURES for diseases. They are in business to TREAT sickness and disease, not to get rid of it completely.

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    • Lisa W. says:

      You got it RIGHT on, brother. Ever hear the Chris Rock bit on “curing AIDS”? It’s a hoot and says exactly what you’re saying…

    • Libby says:

      Amen. No money in cures, lose their customer base that way.

    • Eric says:

      … I don’t know, man… I don’t follow politics… but I heard it has something to do with Hurricane Katrina and that whole row vs. wade thing….

    • stephanie says:

      here’s the thing- The christian nutjobs are afraid that scientists will begin to clone humans. Ask the research scientists, and 99% of them say they have no interest in that, instead they want to make body parts- nerves, hearts, skin, kidneys, all those things a body can’t do without. Guys, cloning research is going on, and not just with the fucking Railians either. Fucking Bush, a pox on his house!!!

    • stem cell research

      read this and got frustrated again. A little science goes a looooong way. To clone a human being you must: 1. be very very rich 2. take a human egg, remove the nucleus (only 23 chromosoems). 3. Then, replace said nucleus with a complete nucleus (all 46…

    • jenni says:

      good point about the pharmaceutical companies.

    • Maeve says:

      I personally would love a cure for Autism. Better yet, find out what causes it.

    • Most of the religious right-wing consider each embryo a human being in it’s own right. A little boy or girl. So what does that make the thousands that female bodies expell over a lifetime? Pre-abortions? I guess it’s ok for god to decide to dump them in the dust bin, but we can’t further science and make humans healthier by their study and use.

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