As I got in my car to come home from work this evening, I noticed a bug on my windshield. Either a tree roach or some kind of beatle, I’m not sure. I figured that once I got on the road the wind would blow it off, but I was wrong. The bug remained on my windshield the entire way, little buggy anntena pushed back by the wind. It was right in that spot on the left side where it rode the yellow line the entire trip home, so I watched it most of the way. When I would stop it would move a bit, but once I got to moving again, it never budged. 15 miles to my house it rode. A lifetime of crawling for the little bug. Getting close to my house I am sure it was happy in it’s little buggy heart that it was going to a new place, to make a home where it had never been before. At least until I crushed the fucker with my windshield wipers.

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