If you’re not sick yet…

…you will be after you watch this video. Creepy pedophile. Doesn’t he know that we only watched baywatch for the babes? Hell, I even left the volume muted. Probably should have done the same thing before I saw this. I think I need an alka-seltzer now. Thanks to Sam for the link, via ShweDream Blog

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3 throughts on "If you’re not sick yet…"

  1. Well…I left my sound on which was a mistake.

    Made me think of that one time on the Brady Bunch kids singing…”It’s a Sunshine Day….”

    But the don’t “Hassel the Hoff” t-shirt was just the icinng on the cake…no wait him gyrating in front of his K.I.T. car..

    Anyhoo…I’m kinda sick to my belly now and I’m just gonna go ahead and blame you for that.

    Thanks Richard..you’re a real PAL.


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