Fuck it all and fucking no regrets

Thanks to the Evilicious Blonde for this one. I really didn’t want to get up today. Have to go back to work after having been off for the last ten days. Made my fucking morning.

Sorry if you saw the post and it didn’t show up. I have been using something new to post with the last week or so, and inserted code shows up as dog poo rather than just putting the raw code which is what I wanted.

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  • I have known Eric fagan for 30 years He is one of a kind , And If the police was doing there jobs correct ! They would know that Cathy Paternoster,My Sisterinlaw had dealings with drug and Let me tell all of you that Eric Fagan and Cathys mother was not together at the time ,She lived in Victorville and Eric lived in San Diego , There had been menation of wrong doing to one of cathys kids ,Well I know who that feels frist hand , I married cathys brother Christopher Robin Paternoster and gave birth to his Daughter and that monster beat me and hurt my 4 year old son , The monster chris was staying with his mother and the time of the murder, I wish they would check his record My money would be on chris .

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