Why haven’t you posted about the trip yat?

1. Becuase Because I am a fucking slacker.

2. Becuase Because I am at work, AND I am a slacker.

3. Becuase Because I am too drunk.

Actually, I wanted to be able to sit down and think at the same time that I posted, and we all know how hard a time I have doing more than one thing at a time. I want to get everything somewhat correct and in chronological order. Maybe this afternoon, although after having not been in my store for the last ten days, I will consider myself lucky if I make it home by ten pm tonight. Maybe it won’t go too bad, I think my boss is spending the day at my store, but I did have at least two people quit while I was gone, so there are probably about ten or eleven holes to fill on the schedule.

Updated. 4. Because I left my online spell checker in my other pants (good thing I didn’t forget my dick)..

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