Freddie is much nicer than I am, and says that she tends to stay away from topics that might unnecessarily offend others. That’s pretty cool I guess, but fuck that. I too have the tendency to open my mouth and speak about topics that might offend others, I just have no problem doing it. Even when I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about.

WE ARE ALL RACISTS. Everyone. Anyone who claims to have NO biases or prejudices is either lying to you, or to themselves. It’s just that some people have the bad taste to advertise their prejudices (fears) to everyone else around as if we give a fuck.

Maybe you are prejudiced against people that are a different color than you. Perhaps it’s Jews. Or stupid fucking people. Or fat people. Or rednecks like me. Or poor people. Or people that have “blue collar” jobs. Or the chick at the 7-11 with the dot on her fucking head. Or homos. Whatever. Sometimes our prejudices take other forms, such as fear of different ideas, political leanings, war, peace. For us as Americans (generalization) it was blacks for a long time. During WWII, it was Asians. Then people of Spanish descent. The last few years it has been Muslims. Who gives a fuck. One of the managers that I like a lot, and trained last year is from Sri Lanka, so he shares a lot of the ethnic qualities of the towel-heads that I am so afraid will bomb my ass. Doesn’t mean that I don’t like him any less, it’s just that I know him, and am comfortable with him. That’s the way prejudice works.

The fact is that as humans we are generally scared of people and things that are different, and therefore uncomfortable. My parents raised me to pretty much have no prejudices, but somehow, they are still there. I find that the older I get, the worse they are. The fact that some people do nothing but live up to their stereotypes does nothing to lessen my biases.

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