More computer crap

Dammit. My iPaq has crapped out. I had it in my car earlier today listening to some music on the ride home and it locked up, now when I try to reset it, it just stays on the fucking reset screen forever. Maybe I can find some more info on HP’s site, but I think it is a goner. Crap.

Unfortunately I have to go back to work in a bit, or I would try to take it apart and see if I could find something wrong.

Damn, now my site is down. That just blows. I hardly ever have any downtime there. Has to be the server, as I can’t get to my cpanel either. Crapola. This will just have to sit in the drafts until later, but then again, by the time you see it, the server will obviously be back up. Guess I will just have to use Eric’s blogroll for now 🙂

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