…is what it has been around here for the last few days. I have been working a bit more this week and really have not had much to say here. What with getting ready to open the new store I have had quite a bit more on my plate than normal, thus I am not able to shoot out of work in quite the hurry that I was for awhile.

They poured the parking lot on Thursday, so I will start spending some afternoons up there for awhile, taking applications and interviewing. The good thing is that we have several people hired already and in training. The last time I opened a store was in ’98 and they gave me twelve days to get everyone hired and trained; needless to say it was a goatfuck.

I haven’t even had time to do any surfing at my normal haunts. I have a few minutes before I go to work today so will try to visit a couple of people after I check the news and weather. If I don’t end up working another 14 hour day I will probably be back online this evening.

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