The Body Count…

…is up to about three at work. I know I posted a bit about it from work yesterday, but I’m not done bitching.

I managed to run off one of the guys Monday morning. Not bad for having been there six days at this temporary store. He apparently was not all he could be, or in other words, he was a piece of crap. They had taken him off the schedule, but unfortunately whoever was running the store before I got there Wednesday had an hourly associate fire him, which was a big no-no. Then they made him pay back $26 in cash that he had probably stolen anyway. We don’t take cash from our associates, no matter what. The grandmother got involved, called the division manager, and he kept his job. I decided he needed retraining. He never called or came in to check his schedule, just shows up for work at 7AM Saturday morning, at which point I sent him home. I don’t generally train on weekends, and I had him scheduled to come in Monday morning. I let him and his dad know that he was going to be retrained, and possibly trained as a cook, because I thought he would do alright, and I wanted him to be successful. Yeah. Anyway, he shows up Monday morning and immediately cops an attitude because I wanted to retrain him (even though I had made that clear two days prior) and clocked in and stood around on the floor talking on the cell phone, I guess to get in touch with my division manager. I gave him about 15 minutes and told him that he could either put his hat on and start working with the waitress that was going to train him, or he could clock out and get off the floor. He opted for the latter, and so all I have to put on his separation notice is “quit with no notice”. Always nice to have for a job reference.

There was another girl that was apparently just running off the customers and stealing as well. I took her off the schedule my first day and haven’t heard from her since.

The third one was yesterday. They had hired this girl that should never been hired in the first place. My boss had tried to put her to work a few weeks prior, at MY old store, and I nixed that idea, so apparently she put her at the one I am running for the month. She worked sat around on her fat ass for four days, then yesterday she was supposed to come in at 4PM and cook until 9. I was going to cook until she got there. At 3:30 she called and said she was going to be late. When I pressed her for an exact time she told me 5PM. OK, I can deal with that. Even though I had to be back at shift change (9PM) that would give me enough time to come home, shower, and see everyone. At 5:30, she called back and said that she wasn’t coming in. I told her that I had already figured that part out and had covered it. I hadn’t covered it, but that’s none of her fucking business. The thing that most of my employees at my old store figured out in about three days is that I don’t work unscheduled doubles, seconds, or thirds. Fuck that noise. Over the last three years, I have worked a grand total of maybe three second and third shifts (scheduled). I also worked maybe two unscheduled shifts because I was hung (literally and figuratively). Both of those people were terminated on the spot. I require a six hour notice if you want to call in, UNLESS it is an emergency. Shit happens, I know that and will always make allowances for it. People that miss more than two or three days a year don’t work for me very long. Sometimes it takes a while to get the right staff, but once I do, I keep them. Anyway, like I said, I don’t work fucking doubles. She’s fired, and I don’t actually fire very many people. Now I have about seven shifts to cover this coming week (schedule starts tomorrow). No big deal, I should have it staffed by Thursday.

There are at least three more that are going to have to go before I leave and open my new store. I promised the manager trainee that will be taking that store that I will fix some of her problems before she gets it. She is pretty nice, and I don’t want a bunch of crap floating around taking advantage of her.

I’m also in the process of getting ready to open the new store. Picked up the paperwork for the business license today, and set up the bank account as well. It looks like they may be putting in the parking lot in the next few days, at which point I will spend a few evenings up there with some applications. The have bumped up the number of people they want me to hire twice over the last month, now they want 45. This may be the busiest fucking store I have ever run. Good deal, as that translates into more $$$ for my creditors. I think I am going to open on October 26th now, so blogging may be light for a couple of weeks after that, as we will run 24 hour management at least for a week. Who the fuck am I trying to kid. I’ll still blog, just give up sleep for awhile.

I also went in this morning even though it was my day off so that I could get some paperwork done and make a bank deposit. I had also set up a catering order for 30 people and didn’t want my boss to get stuck cooking it by herself. Finally got home around noon. So much for my first day off this week.

Anna is testing for the Academic team at school today, so I’ll be picking her up late, then have to have her back there by 6:30 for some kind of a performance at the PTO meeting. Damn, it’s going to be a long one.

In other asshole news, I was over at and ran across this little piece of art that made me laugh my ass off. Now, I don’t take tragedy lightly, and think it is horrible that Steve Irwin is dead, but other than that I have to make fun of someone, so here it is:


Hehe, perfect. I need a T-Shirt with that on it.

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3 throughts on "The Body Count…"

  1. Jeez, you’re a tough boss. Just the kind of guy I would want to be working for. I hate working for people that don’t insist on performance. I always work hard and I hate when goldbrickers get away with it.

  2. aaaahhh…seperating the wheat from the chaff…always a fun process.
    i always think it’s funny when, instead of firing a person, they just stop scheduling them. well, not funny if it happened to me, but you know. i used to hostess at aplace where they did that to a girl that stiffed everyone on tip-outs. getting to answer the phone every week and tell her she wasn’t scheduled was truly a joy.

  3. That’s my normal mode of operations. You have to really piss me off to get fired. Normally if I am ready for you to just go, I will schedule you for one shift a week, something like Sunday night from 11pm to 2am.

    After a certain amount of time, you can collect unemployment if I just take you off the schedule, but if you QUIT because you don’t like the schedule, tough shit, no unemployment.

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