Halloween or Hallelujah!!

There is a sign in front of a local church that I pass several times daily:

Halloween or Hallelujah!

Heaven or Hell!!

I just want my fucking candy bars. Keep the rest.

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  • Oh man…the jesus-freaks are at it again. That reminds me of one of the funniest costumes I’ve ever seen – last year at a Halloween party G & I were at, this guy came in with a full “priest” outfit, crucifix, robes, beads, the whole nine yards. His friend came in behind him with just “regular” type clothes, a white shirt and jeans. We wondered what the other guy was until he walked past with the priest: the ass of his jeans was all ripped and they put fake blood all around the hole and down the leg.
    Tasteless? Yes.
    Hilarious? Hell yes.


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