Back to work

The weekend has been pretty nice but unfortunately it had to end. I may take a couple of days off work later this week since I open the new shop next Monday and all I seemed to do yesterday was sleep. Shortly after my brother left yesterday I lay down on the couch for awhile. Woke up two hours later. Still I went to bed around 8pm last night. Damn I have become a lightweight somehow.

I did manage to get someone’s computer fixed last night, and although I am pretty technically proficient, I have never really attempted to burn a DVD other than for data backup, so I recorded a show to DVD, and it works. woo hoo. Holder goes to school on my daughter’s birthday, which actually happens to be Tuesday, and will take cake volcanoes and give a lesson. The show was “The Magic School Bus Blows It’s Top” which is about volcanoes, so I guess they will be watching it as well.

Today and tomorrow will be my last productive days in the Carrollton store (productive as in actually working on the floor and cooking) as long as everything goes well. I still have a ton of stuff to get done before the week is out. I’ve got to schedule a meeting up there with the health department, and get my bread and produce deliveries set up as well. I have at least three interviews this afternoon, hopefully I can set up a few more, as I still need about ten more people, 20 according to what my bosses want me to hire. That’s probably about right since several of the people that I hired will only be good for a couple of weeks.

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