My domain problems…

…are fixed. I sent emails to several different contacts at Charter (not tech support) and apparently it was fixed today. It was a real pain in the ass having to log in to AOL first and then surf through their software.

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  • Well, I’ve always said that if you are going to break the law, you should NOT have any identifying marks like tattos on your body, or vanity plates on your car! But then, who said criminals are smart? I hope that they take her kids away from her forever.

  • She actually has an update. It now says she’s loving life, last log on today. Seems weird timing to be loving life, if you ask me.
    Another wonderful example of how people can portray themselves as one thing online (a hottie) and are something totally different in real life (dare I say ugly junkie?)

  • She got off with probation and than got arrested for petit theft. So do you think that she learned her lesson, NO. I hope that they take her kids and that she gets the full three years in lock up.

  • Why am I not surprised? Oh, by the way, her MySpace is no longer private and apparently she is at home right now as it shows her online, or at least someone logged into her account.

  • I used to work with the girl years back in NJ. She was on my friends list on myspace till now when I took her off. Last I saw she is now Bi and engaged to a big woman. I feel so bad for her kids. I met little mikey when he was still in diapers. She was pregnent with Gracie when she worked with me. Poor kids 🙁 I hope they get put into safe homes with loving parents. 

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