Weekend Off

Damn. I am whooped. I had a half day off last Thursday, and prior to that I was off on Tuesday and Wednesday the 3rd and 4th. Too many days without a day off. Things at work are finally starting to come together though. I should have plenty of people by the time we open in ten days. I have unfortunately had to hire a few that I know I shouldn’t, just to have some warm bodies to open with. They will get weeded out pretty soon after we open.

I’m off this weekend though. My little brother and his spawn are going to be in town tonight. I am looking forward to that very much. My parents may be coming out tomorrow as well, for my daughter’s ninth birthday party. She’s pretty excited. I just wish I had a bit more dough to spend on her this year. She’ll never know the difference though and will have a great time. I think that about 30 people were invited, which means 15-20 will show. Should be fun. I will just have to make sure and get some beer on the way home tonight. For the kids, not for me of course.

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  1. Woo Hoo…get them younguns tanked so they’ll go to bed early..hahaha..that way you and all the adults can down all the oreo cookies and milk you want and won’t even have to share..


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