Just a piece of meat

In one part of the article, the author says “You would not call a piece of meat a “dead animal,” even if you realize it’s a part of one”.

I don’t know. I have had a couple of pieces of meat when I was younger that I tended to refer to as “dead” animals. Just saying.

BTW, thanks for the link Leslie. I am not sure what it is, but any link having to do with beastiality and necrophilia is just too damn good NOT to click on.

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  • Those of us who knew Mark Samoline, will miss him deeply. He was an outstanding friend and Marine Officer. It is hard for me to imagine him being involved in a rape of any kind, and it is equally incredible to me that he is now gone. Mark was not someone who would have wanted to live under a shadow of suspicion and maybe that is why he made the choice he did. My heart goes out to his kids and his wife, although I won’t name them here. For his accuser, this whole thing has been a tragedy of incredible proportions. I hope she too finds peace, although my deepest sympathies lie with the Samoline family. This whole thing just doesn’t seem real. Semper Fidelis.

    • amazing so because he was a marine he should be honored? what about a possible rapist?

  • you are the worst kind of filth that this world…. it is because of you that mark is dead. You need to realize the consequences of your
    actions,your irresponsible blogging has caused the death and demise of a great person……

  • I am friend of the first victim’s family I am not going to make any sort of statement for or against either family at this point as now there are two families who are victims. There actually were right away as no matter if guilty or innocent, Mr Samoline’s family were victims by association. At least in my mind. I admit that I was hoping for other people to come forward to substantiate a pattern of abuse of some sort so the acusser wouldn’t have such a hard time of it when this went to trial. I know that attorneys can be brutal to rape victims just as some remarks on blogs have been. I don’t believe that ANYONE wanted this outcome. I also don’t believe that any one can say that Mr Samoline’s actions were the fault of anyone else as many undergo criticism and live through it. Whether one blog was final straw in a series of blows, that may be; or it may have been the actions of his employer that put him over the edge. A marine friend gave this another point of view. “It is sad but in a way also the honorable thing to do. He screwed up, knew he screwed up, and “fell on his sword” because he screwed up.” I am not saying that he did or didn’t “screw up” at this point but maybe the family can take a Marine’s statement as praise for being responsible in some sort of way at the end of the day and providing for his family in the only way he could think of at the time in his despair???
    This is a sad ending for both families. The death of another human being and the loss suffered by his family is not what the victim wanted. At this point all that’s left is for both families is to heal. All parties involved with this are sad about the outcome. How can someone be comfortable about this? When she went to the hospital for treatment it was a done deal. No one can be satisfied when death or violence has occurred. If you really think about it, your comments that bring doubt onto anyone involved are really no longer necessary. Nothing can exonerate the victim or the accused; nor bring him back to life at this point and postulating will help neither family.

  • Regardless of what he was accused of, Mark Samoline was a good Marine and a good friend. I served under then Mark Samoline over 20 years ago and knew him quite well and had maintained contact with Mark. While it can be argued that I had not been in constant contact with this man, I still have nothing but undying respect for him. It is altogether too easy for those of you who neither knew him personally nor picked up a weapon and stood your post to cast stones at an honorable man. Rest In Peace and Semper Fi Sir. You will be sorely missed.
    K.A. White, USMC

  • Anonymous, explain to me how one paragraph, which included the following facts, he was arrested and charged with rape, he pleaded not guilty and said the sex was consensual, and bonded out of jail makes me responsible for him killing himself? For that’s all there was of this post prior to Mark Samoline’s death. As a matter of fact there was much less coverage here than there was in the mainstream media.
    I reported the facts as they were given by law enforcement and nothing more. Don’t try and turn this into something it isn’t and oh by the way, you obviously missed the part about personal attacks that’s spelled out not once but twice on this page. Your IP address is banned.

  • Today is 10 Nov 2011, the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps, today of all days I remember my Commanding Officer and one of my closest friends, Mark W. Samoline  To him and in his memory I offer this prayer: 

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you.  May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

    Happy Birthday Sir!

    GOD bless,

    Sgt K. A. White, USMC

    • Sgt White – 

      You are a good man for remembering the late, great Mark Samoline. I had the pleasure of working with Mark, and I think about him almost every day. RIP Brother Mark. 

      My best

      Paul McGee 

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