Finally used my brain..

…woo hoo. A small part of it anyway. Windows Vista allows you to do a full system backup, like you would get on a restore CD when you buy a computer, except this has all of your shit in it. My DVD burner is in the HTPC, so I save this one to it’s own hard drive, figuring that if my system goes down, at least one of the hard drives will continue to function. It doesn’t let you exclude stuff (like my 50 gigs of music) so it’s pretty damn big anyway. It would probably take about 25 DVDs to back up. I really need to get some of the 8 gig DVDs to start backing my system up to.

As often as I do something stupid to my system, it will be nice to just restore it without having to go through the reinstall of all of my apps.

Still feel like shit today. I have a nasty cough and my lungs burn. Damn I wish I could stay in bed, but no, I have to go to work where I can potentially infect several hundred people with the Creeping Crud.

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  • I don’t know all the facts in this case, however, there are a lot of red flags. An estranged or ex wife, children, other men, quiet “family” type man, all signs that have been played out by so many lately. Thank God this man was kind enough not to kill his children, too!
    Situations like this have been happening at an alarming rate and I think a lot stems from either control or abuse issues within the family.
    The unfortunate tragedy in all of this is that we now have two young children without a mother, and most probably will not have a father, either, if he commits suicide or is convicted and sentenced to prison. We often forget about the children and the affect this has on their future.

  • If the guy was a stoner, as is rumored, that might have been one red flag but some of the other stuff? Hell, I am a quiet family type guy too but it doesn’t mean I’m going out to blow anyone’s head off.
    Hopefully we will get a bit more insight in the next few days about this case because so far I just haven’t seen very red flags other than the fact that at keast one of his former students has commented that he seemed a bit ‘burned out’ on life and acted like a pot head.
    The children have got to be the hardest part about writing about stuff like this. Regardless of anything else that ever happens in their lives now this will overshadow everything.

  • Actually, if he was a pothead that would be in his favor and would explain his “laid back” behavior! Not too many potheads commit murder, that I know about.
    Seriously, in researching and writing about a lot of domestic abuse cases the red flags I mentioned would apply, however, I don’t see where it says there was abuse involved in this case, so until all the facts come out, I’ll reserve my judgment of him and his motives.
    My biggest concern is for the children left behind. It happens way too often with no news about them and their welfare or future.
    Glad I found your blog, you have a lot of interesting things going on!

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