As luck would have it…

…I came out of my last 70+ hour work week tired but relatively unscathed. Until I woke up yesterday. I am coming down with the fucking creeping crud again. Sore throat, cough, gooey nastiness emerging from my nasal cavity, AND I have the shits to boot. Damn. Searched the house twice for Benadryl or Nyquil so that I can sleep tonight and found neither. Just as I was getting ready to pour an awful big shot of 1800 I came across Liquid Children’s Benadryl. As little medicine that I take, that should do the trick. That and the fact that I think I am going to get a shot of the 1800 anyway. It’s been awhile and I forgot how it tastes, or something like that.

Damn, that was good. Warmed up the cockles that needed warming. Time for nighty night (and yes, I did find the bear goddammit)

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