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Damned if my days off were long enough this week. I am ready for just one more. I think it’s because I should be due for a vacation right about now. I get one every four months or so, but I took my last one early (beginning of October) due to my store opening. I won’t have another one until the end of March. Six months. It’s easy to burn out in my job which is why I space them the way I do.

I turned in my vacation schedule recently and it is just as screwed up as it has been this past year. One at the end of March/beginning of April (10 days woo hoo), one in June or July I don’t really remember which, and then one the week after Labor Day weekend, just in time for Helen if we keep to the same schedule. At that point I will try to get the next ones four months apart again and take my first one of the new year in January instead of March. Right after the holidays I always need one anyway.

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