Not completely, but I am pretty much in a non-posting mood this morning. I stayed up too late last night. We watched the season premier for one of the few shows that I watch on TV, 24. For some reason, even though 90% of the stuff is just incredulous, I still enjoy it. Last night was no different. I did get a good laugh though, right about the time that Jack Bauer ripped into the jugular of one of his captors with his teeth to escape. All I could think of was “Lost Boys”.

After TV I read until a bit after 11PM, well after I should have been asleep which is why I am feeling crappy this morning. I should be finished with One Bullet Away this afternoon if I get a chance to read at all today.

Apparently Barzan Hassan and Awad Bandar were hanged right before I went to bed last night. Barzad was Saddam Hussein’s half-brother and the former chief of his secret police and Awad was the former chief judge.

It’s supposed to start getting back down into the 30’s here at night tomorrow. This is some weird damn weather. It’s been in the high 60’s to mid 70’s the last two afternoons. I’m ready to get winter over with but I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. As soon as I get out and do something in the yard, we’ll get ice or snow. Just fricking weird.

Damn, gotta get me one of these for my rear view mirror.

$24.95 for the Dope on a Rope. Damn, they even have a Jesus action figure. Oh crap. I could have some fun with these guys.

There’s a big deal going on at work right now about I have had my resume there for several years, but haven’t updated it in quite some time. Apparently one of the recruiters, or some nosy bastard at the corporate office discovered that several people in management with my company had theirs up, and they were updated and actively searching for new jobs. Apparently about half of the management team in the area a bit closer to Atlanta from me has theirs up, and the have been told that they HAVE to take them down. Damn. I don’t particularly want to get involved in this little brouhaha, but it would really piss me off if they demanded that I take my resume down. The fact is though, that even though I have been with them for twenty years, if the right job came along, with the right $$$, I would probably jump on it, but unfortunately tech jobs at my level of education pay about half what I make now, so I have no interest in looking for one, and I am not interested in working for any other restaurant. Most of them pay less, have less benefits, and are certainly not as financially stable as my company. If we shut the doors to our restaurants right now we could continue to pay everyone, including our hourly associates, for about a year.

The wife turns 40 this week. Everyone get their asses over there and wish her a happy birthday.

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