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Megadeth – In My Darkest Hour

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  • I hate to see dogs put down, but I can understand your reservations about these dogs being adopted out. I’m not sure I’d feel safe adopting one.
    Hey I was just dropping by to see if you’re still participating in Green Thumb Sunday. Old photos or winter photos of your garden are perfectly fine! Let me know?

  • You are wrong. I am a pit bull lover and owner. I have re-trained several b/c as long as they are in a loving environment they completely change personalities and re-train to loving behavior. I have had contact with past fighting dogs and they have been some of the best dogs I have come into contact with. Instead of starting negative and uneducated websites, educate yourselves and you will learn that this breed is one of the best pets to have. It is people like Vick that destroy their loveable reputation.

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