Promotions and whatnot

I sort of threw a wrench in my boss (two levels up) and his plans for the next few weeks. I let him know that I was not particularly interested in the district that he wants me in, that if he had NOBODY else, I would step up to the plate, but it is only about a $5k raise for a hell of a lot more work and I can make that staying where I am answering straight to him.

There is one other guy who is up for promotion, but way down the list. I suggested that they give it to him and just leave me alone for know. Things are finally starting to look up for me at work with money and I don’t want to jeopardize that by stepping in to a situation where I would be in over my head.

I would jump on it if it were either of the other two districts out here, but this one just sucks. Two of the stores together do almost as much in sales as my single store. Three times the headaches, lots more hours, responsibility. Hell no. I may still end up with it, but I really really hope not.

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