Unfortunately due to meetings I ended up working until after 9PM last night, thus the lack of anything on the blog since yesterday morning.

I was behind the eight ball the entire day it seemed. Of course I started the day short staffed, couldn’t find one of the keys I needed that opened the office, was very busy all day, and then had to go to Oxford Alabama for a meeting, my favorite thing to do. I think I got to spend all of about five minutes with my wife on her birthday, which sucked. She was watching Grey’s Anatomy when I got home so I left her alone and checked my email and surfed for awhile until it was time to pass out.

Hopefully today will run a bit more smoothly than yesterday. I have a lot I need to get done today before my weekend off.

I saw a video on CNN this morning that prompted me to do a bit of searching. Ed Brown and his wife, in New Hampshire, believe that they have the legal right NOT to pay the federal income tax. They have holed themselves up in their house, along with weapons, and are ready to defend themselves to the death if necessary to stand up for that belief. So far the government has been trying to work with them.

I happen to agree with them about taxes and the law, but I don’t believe that tax evasion is the way to get this changed. I feel like the 16th Amendment is unconstitutional. but the way to get that changed is to support a change in the law. Unless we make our lawmakers uncomfortable and vote their asses out the door, nothing is going to change and a handful of people around the country involved in tax evasion just is not going to change this.




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