iPhone Commercial

I saw this over at youtube last night or this morning, and my brother sent me the link as well, so I decided to share. Pretty damned funny

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  1. That was hilarious – “and it’s also a prophylactic”…

    On another note, just because I don’t want you feeling too relieved of nagging – my details aren’t STAYING – I still had to type them in again today and I clicked the box last time. And I tried “signing in” with TypeKey because I’m registered there and it says you aren’t set up for that.

  2. I dated justin last summer AND met him through wotk at Alternative Services Inc.
    He moved in with me and quickly wore out his welcome
    I kicked his ass out 2 quick weeks later!
    He is a drug addictied cigarette smoking DRUNK!
    he left cigarette butts everywhere & bought discusting PBR with money BORROWED from his PARENTS!
    I know the 16 yr old girl i think;
    From what i heard about her;
    I think it may be his EX GIRLFRIENDS DAUGHTER
    From what i hear he got her pregnant too!!
    He lived in an apt complex specially designated for mentally challenged adults
    Email me for further info about this sick man!

  3. you neglected to mention that Justin himself, is severly mentally ill. he does not take his prescribed medication and he is on disability due to his illness. also, he was not borrowing money from his parents, they refuse to enable him anymore, they manage his disability money because he is unable to make rational choices about much of anything in his life. Justin is not a child molester per se. Justin is a mentally ill man who needs extensive hospitalization and therapy.

  4. There’s an argument to be made that ALL child molesters are mentally ill, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing the deed. Mental illness shouldn’t be used as an excuse to remove them from day-to-day society, as a matter of fact it’s all the more reason to do just that since they obviously can’t distinguish between right and wrong.
    As for the rest, I just got home from work so will start looking into some emails I received today as well as the comments here and update the post once I get confirmation.

  5. Justin is a family friend, so is the “victim” and her family. We think the federal charges are outrageous and there is much being manipulated for personal gain. It is tragic that this story has been treated the way it has. Did it occur to you that he did NOT pimp out a 16 year old on the internet?
    During the Salem witch trials, a few teenage girls were able to intentionally frame others as witches…it seems we haven’t learned much in the way of justice.
    -Someone who can keep things in perspective, who happens to be on the inside of this headline.

  6. Aside from the prostituting thing.. Justin had sex with this 16 year old girl.. and to make matters worse.. this girl once called him Dad as he dated her mother and has been in her life since she was 4 years old. He is very ill mentally and needs to be sent somewhere where he can get help and medication.

  7. I’ve heard the same from several different people. Overall it’s pretty horrendous. I will agree with you on the fact that he needs help though. I don’t think this guy needs jail time at all, he needs to be in a psychiatric hospital where he can’t hurt anyone and kept there for a long long time because obviously the treatment he has had thus far has been no help.

  8. Are you trying to claim that the girl set the ads up herself and framed Justin? Seems pretty preposterous to me. Who is to gain here? If you are going to make cryptic statements like that you should back it up with the rest of the story, otherwise it just sounds like you are blowing smoke up peoples asses.

  9. “If you are going to make cryptic statements like that you should back it up with the rest of the story, otherwise it just sounds like you are blowing smoke up peoples asses.”
    It is unwise to post on the internet what I know about an ongoing case. What good would it do you to know intimate details about any of these peoples lives or decisions?
    The truths will hopefully come out in the trial. There is no reason for the media to assign itself the judge and jury. It could ruin his chance to a fair trial, it could make someone found innocent still unable to live in our society. Lets say all charges are dropped, he is free to go. All of this negative media…who will give him a job, or rent to him? How about date him? He is now villanized!
    How about this. If Justin lived next door to me, I totally trust that my daughters would not be recruited as internet call girls.

  10. First of all let me say that Miss Jessi was dating Justin and then when the girl was 17 years of age, sent her threatening emails over myspace. The girl has proof of this.
    Furthermore she is not pregnant and does not apreciate people saying she is.
    Responding to :”Who will give him a job”
    he’s never worked a day in his life unless he was forced to. And his work was to say the least few and far between.
    He slept with other underage females and plotted to, not just the one girl. And…on top of all of these things, she never framed him. In fact if you look at the police report carefully you will see that her police involvement was minimal and not only minimal but something that she staved off as much as possible.
    Get the full story or shut the fuck up basically. She has a myspace. She has her escorting account and she has publicly put up phone numbers of where to reach her, her real name and her nick name and has no reason to lie to anyone.
    And there isn’t just two sides to this story. Her side is being misrepresented and it is unfair to say things that she did without knowing.
    That being said, child molestation is a mental illness and she was not a child in Washington, or Nevada or 30 other states. And what made her a child because of legal age of consent in OR?
    Do you even know what this girl looks like or acts like? No. You don’t. But I can say there was nothing childish about her then and nothing childish about her now. And even though she is now 18 years of age…she still needs to be protected. And if not protected, at the very least she needs to be able to be represented by what she actually did. Neither person was right in this situation.

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