Already Tired…

…and I haven’t even gotten to the meeting yet. I forgot to take my vitamins this morning, but there is no time like the present. At least they will be feeding me tonight. I feel so unprepared. Possibly because I AM unprepared. It’s about time to shower and get changed into the shirt and tie.

Oh well, it will only last a couple of hours, then I have to show back up at work at 9 PM for shift change. I have a couple of waitresses to scream at tonight. They decided to have a mustard and ketchup fight last night, which we spent most of the day cleaning. They managed to get the obvious stuff cleaned up before I got there, so in my foggy head first thing in the morning, I didn’t notice for an hour or two. They are not going to be having fun tonight. I have a huge cleaning list waiting for them.

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