I Hate it When it Sticks to the Side

Why is it when someone comes in and takes a dump; leaves the thick viscous nasties that stick to the side and don’t go down with one flush, they don’t give a courtesy second flush to get rid of the rest. You might as well just shit on my floor, I don’t want to go in and see your poop at all. Nothing an extra flush can’t fix. It’s not just guys either. I check the restrooms several times during the day and it’s a common occurrence to walk in and see fresh tar laid down the side of my toilet.

If you come in and eat and I see you go in and realize in time that you have left me a gift to clean up, I will make sure NOT to wash my hands before I prepare your wonderful hot breakfast.

4 throughts on "I Hate it When it Sticks to the Side"

  1. yah, so?

    what about ALL the men that piss all over the seat, the terlet, the floor, and walk off like they just pissed in dark in an alley?? huh?

    shut up and learn to aim before you go ranting, pissboy!!

  2. Uhmmmm, okay…I’m here to put an end to this truculence.

    I disagree, that “thick viscous nasties” are not to easily removed with just one flush.

    Youse need a scrub brush for that.

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