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Here are this morning’s web searches. I just woke up a short while ago, so just overlook any typos.

#1 youtube for porn, youtube porn, porn on you tube, youtube of porn. Repeated several times.

I did a search on my site for the same thing just now, and found seven posts that had this. Only one for porno tube, and the great majority of the others are the porncast. Maybe I will change the name of them. I can just imagine what’s going through a person’s mind as they are looking for youtube porn. Can afford to actually go to a porn site? Damn.

#2 I love living in the city.

From the Fear song. I Love Livin’ in the City

#3 Web Fuckers.

Don’t know about this one. It’s not like I use profanity or anything. Perhaps they were trying to find the NIN song Star Fuckers.

#4 Kindergarter Graduation.

I don’t know if I ever posted the video of my daughter’s graduation or not. I think it was before youtube but I know I did post about it.

#5 Meedio download.

I used to have Meedio (an HTPC front end) up for download here, but took it down. It’s dead software folks, replaced by Yahoo Go! for TV which sucks oh by the way.

#6 2fastlane.

There are a couple of searches for this. I don’t have a clue what they are searching for or what the reference is to.

#7 naked goat.

No naked goats here. Try Erin O’Brien’s site.

#8 naked amsterdam women.

Now we are stretching things a bit thin here.

#9 Video Detective.

I did an advertisement for this awhile back.


Fucking indeed.

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  • Persons like that should receive the right amount of punishment accorded by the law.

  • im marks aunt and if you have NOTHING better to do then sit on your butt at a computer and write crap about anyone ,then your life sucks.think about if heS found not guilty (which he will be ) you need to stop and think about this young mans life and his family.and what you are putting them thru.and i think if you allow your child to get on my space and lie about there age ,then maybe you need to get off your butt and look at your childs my space and see what lies they are telling maybe there just like you are….

  • My children aren’t on MySpace, so that’s kind of a moot point (well, my son is but he’s 20 and in the Marine Corps).
    As far as the if Mark is found not guilty I’ll do like I do for anyone else, either change the post so that it says he was found not guilty, or delete it entirely and have google removed it from being tracked. Not that hard to do. That’s if he’s found not guilty.
    Since I’m not the one sending text messages and trying to meet 11-year-old’s I don’t guess I’m the one that needs to worry about getting a life. You might consider teaching your nephew some better manners. By the way, when he arrived at the girl’s house and was arrested what exactly is it you think he was doing?

  • well just so you no her mom said him up just like she did other one and i think it worry so you mit be be careful before she fine out about you and do you like that she try to do that to her dad so what kind of woman is she

  • to what richard said :
    he was on the way over to see her mother . not the 11 year old . the mother just gets off on doing that kind of shit to people . she is the one that needs to go to jail . she is one sick puppy . so then you look at what is happening now . people reading the same story that the women told and think its true . he got pulled over on his way to see her after he turned her down on sending a taxi for him .
    i know both of them and just like Peggy and Pat said she has got guys put in jail for lies before . she needs to be put in the looney ben .

  • I sure would be interested in hearing from one of the other gus she’s messed with. Heck, law enforcement might want to hear from them as well. I certainly wouldn’t put it past someone with this kind of trickery.
    I don’t think it’s just a matter of people reading the story that the woman told, it’s also a matter of his criminal history as well. Last year he was arrested for Lewd and Lascivious Behavior (don’t know if that ever progressed to a conviction or not) and he was also arrested for possession of cocaine and he was convicted of burglary and theft as well. Not exactly a pillar of the community there.
    If he was going to see the mother why on earth would he offer money and clothing for sexual favors via sms?

  • pat said:
    well just so you no her mom said him up just like she did other one and i think it worry so you mit be be careful before she fine out about you and do you like that she try to do that to her dad so what kind of woman is she

    I’m not sure what you are saying. Would you mind repeating that in English?

  • Pat said :
    well just so you know her mom set him up just like she did another guy and i think its wrong .so you might wanna be careful before she finds out about you and do you like that . she even tried that shit on her own dad before . so what kind of women is she ?
    i understand what your saying about his background . but you cant always judge on someones past . i got a past but have not got in trouble or anything in over 7 years . so you cant always look at there past because there life right now can be totally different .

  • You do have a point there. I don’t know many people, including myself, that don’t have at least something minor in their past.
    If Mark is innocent I hope he gets off. If not and he is guilty I hope he gets the maximum penalty because child molesters deserve no mercy.

  • thank you for seeing what im saying .
    where i live at we did have a child molester down the street from me . and he would walk around the neighbor hood . we tried for 2 years to get the police to do something but they wouldent . well in january he went back to jail for messing with an handicap kid . and is still there . now i see that my kids are safe from at lease him for now .
    its sad when we got guys/women that have hurt little kids over and over but are walking the streets looking for another child instead of being in prison .
    i know mark dident do it and i hope her mom comes out with the truth before its to late and it ruins his life .

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