Web Searches

Here are this morning’s web searches. I just woke up a short while ago, so just overlook any typos.

#1 youtube for porn, youtube porn, porn on you tube, youtube of porn. Repeated several times.

I did a search on my site for the same thing just now, and found seven posts that had this. Only one for porno tube, and the great majority of the others are the porncast. Maybe I will change the name of them. I can just imagine what’s going through a person’s mind as they are looking for youtube porn. Can afford to actually go to a porn site? Damn.

#2 I love living in the city.

From the Fear song. I Love Livin’ in the City

#3 Web Fuckers.

Don’t know about this one. It’s not like I use profanity or anything. Perhaps they were trying to find the NIN song Star Fuckers.

#4 Kindergarter Graduation.

I don’t know if I ever posted the video of my daughter’s graduation or not. I think it was before youtube but I know I did post about it.

#5 Meedio download.

I used to have Meedio (an HTPC front end) up for download here, but took it down. It’s dead software folks, replaced by Yahoo Go! for TV which sucks oh by the way.

#6 2fastlane.

There are a couple of searches for this. I don’t have a clue what they are searching for or what the reference is to.

#7 naked goat.

No naked goats here. Try Erin O’Brien’s site.

#8 naked amsterdam women.

Now we are stretching things a bit thin here.

#9 Video Detective.

I did an advertisement for this awhile back.


Fucking indeed.

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