Let the Blood Rain Down Upon My Head

…He reveled in the way the blood was still running down her warm body. At first it had gushed out in a torrent of warm red rain, but now it was coming our more slowly. She had struggled for awhile and he had to hold her tight as he slid the hunting knife across her throat just under her Adam’s apple, but she relaxed under his caring grip and was reclining on his lap as a lover. He grew excited as the warmth seeped into his clothing. He had to wait for that. Not here. Save it for later when he could relive it over and over again.

Technology was a wonderful thing. It was amazing what you could do with wireless cameras and a laptop these days. He would be able to watch it again anytime he wanted. First he had to get cleaned up and get out without being seen. Then he could take care of the video at his leisure…

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