My Boss is Leaving as well…

…not my immediate boss, but hers. I found that out last night, and it blew me out of the water. I have known him since he was a manager fifteen years ago. It kind of sucks because now I have to break in some other asshole.

What should make it interesting is that it screws up all of their plans for the next few months. My boss was supposed to be stepping down and taking a voluntary demotion. I already turned down her job, so the other guy that got blasted last night was going to take the district, and I was going to answer directly to the next level up. Not having to pay a district manager would be a bump up in pay for me because it would be money that I would save in profits, 10% of which belong on my paycheck. Only problem…the guy that is taking the division position went to school with my friend, and he hates his guts, or at least that was the impression I got last night. Maybe strong dislike is a better word. I doubt seriously if he really hates him. He told them last night that he would no longer take that district and asked for a transfer to the other side of Atlanta. Damn. Drama.

That either means they will leave my boss alone for awhile (I hope) or come back to me. I told them last time that if they absolutely had nobody else I would take the promotion but I really didn’t want it. I can afford to bide my time and wait for a better one to come along. It might be another year, or even five years, but it will come along, and I will still be on the immediate promotion list at the top just as I am now. I’ve turned down three promotions over the last three months, and can keep going until the right one comes up. Since we are growing so rapidly the need for people that can get stuff done the right way is not going to ever leave. Not only that, but I have trained most of the division now, and they are like my kids. Fill up all of the districts and stores with them, and maybe a couple more divisions and I will et exactly what I want. Either that or they will eat me, like spiders.