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When I first saw and heard about twitter back in February I tried it out. Hey, I like bling and gadgets. I didn’t particularly like it. Recently it has apparently become all the rage again. I have been seeing posts about it all over the Internet. ‘five ways to be productive with Twitter’, ‘five uses for twitter in business’, ‘twitter is the best thing next to sliced bread’. Well, maybe not the last one, but the other two are real posts I have read.

I figured maybe they had done something else with it, so I would try it out. Right now it’s on two of my sites and it still sucks just as much as it did the last time I used it. Maybe I just don’t ‘get it’ but it seems pointless to me so it is coming off of the sites after I post this.

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  • How did this guy get caught is what I want to know — did he confess?
    He is clearly a dumb ass. Oddly, his life has to be an embarrassement to him. No one will mourn his passing — his own children will despise him.
    He pleaded guilty and they gave him 100 years? Either he was a complete idiot, or his lawyer was. Who the hell pleads guilty and gets 100 years.

  • He was found guilty and convicted by a jury. Two years ago he pleaded guilty to federal charges of communicating false claims. Same crime, two different cases and jurisdictions.
    I’m not so sure he pleaded guilty in this trial. I’ll have to look that up when I get home this evening.

  • Doug, you are a “DUMBASS”. You don’t know the case or the attorneys involved.

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