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  1. Actually, once there are a couple more it will look correct. I will fix it temporarily until more are added. One of the options I generally choose is to have them in sets of ten with a seperator in between each group of ten.

  2. I’ve added you and fixed the link as well. I changed over from .html to .php a while back and there are apparently a few places that I need to fix.

  3. thanks for adding me to the techroll.
    i saw that you visited my site about 3 hours ago. then you also saw that odiogo works now, didn´t you? what a great feature! i like the idea of having my own podcast (and not doing anything for it) it took me a while to get it working last night though…
    it sounds quite fluent and natural when the posts are being read, that´s cool. i hope this´ll make more people like my blog. how was it with you? did you gain some traffic after implementing it?
    read ya

  4. I gained a little bit, but nothing particularly noticeable. I mainly added it because I like cool little gadgets. It’s like anything else, I will try it for a while and if it doesn’t fit in well I will dump it after a while. My only beef is that the button isn’t as configurable as I would like. It sticks out on the page like a sore thumb here because of my colors.

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