The Days Are Getting Longer…

…and it damn sure isn’t because of summer. I did get confirmation of my promotion from my AVP today and found out who my replacement is going to be. One of the district managers from Alabama who has been there twice and stepped back twice will be taking my store. This is the guy that was trying to get transferred back to Georgia to that district. They told him that he could either honor his commitment and stay in his current position, or take a demotion. He does have the potential to be a great operator, and is much better with the customers than I am, but he doesn’t have the stability and commitment to stay in the job long term. I think that they are looking to fire him anyway, but that’s just my own opinion anyway.

I spent a couple of hours with one of my new managers this afternoon and all I can really say is that I have my work cut out for me. It looks like at least a month or two of twelve hour days are ahead of me and it is probably going to take me six months to get all three stores right. What a PITA. Then I find out that we probably have an outing coming up in May or June, which means spending the weekend at some bullshit retreat with all of the upper management. Woopee. That should be interesting.

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