I am getting ready to rebuild my entertainment computer (HTPC) pretty soon and I may need to get some el cheapo EMI shielding. One thing that I have noticed with all of the RF stuff that I have going on in the house is that I am starting to get a bit of interference, believe it or not, from my neighbors garage door opener. A bit of EMI shielding should take care of that pretty quickly. I may be able to rig something up myself, which would be the easiest and cheapest route.

I was hoping to have it done before Sunday as the last two Sopranos come on this week and next, but it doesn’t look like I am even going to get started until the next day. I will just have to set up my VCR so that I can tape it. That or look for it on bittorrent. I haven’t even run the program in months, but I am sure it will be there within 24 hours of airing.