Four More Days…

I have had to give my manage that is having a hard time some very specific instructions, and now at the end of the day he is required to bring me several pieces of paperwork that he has not been doing. Rather than going to his store to verify it, he has to bring it all to me at whatever store I happen to be in. He’s not liking it, but I didn’t design it to make him comfortable, I designed it to make him do his job properly.

My boss is off tomorrow, so even though it is the monthly closeout day for the fiscal period, I am taking it easy. I am going to try and shoot out of there by 2PM as long as everyone shows up for work when they should. I would have been home by 2:30 today, but it was after 3:30 before that guy showed up with his stuff. Serious time management issues. He’s a pretty good guy, but I am going to have to get him trained to get this stuff done in a timely manner.

4 throughts on "Four More Days…"

  1. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. I am a punctual person and loathe being late. Or someone telling me that they will be somewhere by a certain time and show up late. Gripes my ass big time.

  2. Even though it is hell now, I think you are going to have all your stores whipped into shape. Unfortunately when you are in management, you have to treat some of the underlings as children since that is what they act like!

  3. What’s bad is this guy is a store manager. It’s not as if I am paying him $5-6 an hour or I might at least half expect that kind of behavior.

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