Pirates Dinner Show…

…in Orlando is one of those things that I found interesting but was not able to attend when we went to Orlando two years ago. Since it was us with all three kids I figured that it would be much too expensive and the youngest would not have enjoyed it quite as much as the rest of us.

Basically the world’s largest and most interactive Pirate dinner show’s premise is that everyone has been invited to the King’s Festival and everyone is the Princess Anita’s royal guests. Princess Anita is abducted by the dastardly Pirate Sebastian the Black and the adventure is in getting her back.


You eat on a model of a fully rigged pirate’s galleon and there is plenty of flying and acrobatics up in the rigging, plenty of swashbuckling swordplay and dueling. There are also six other seating “ships” surrounding the main one in the “lagoon” and each one has their own pirate mascot to cheer on. You could also have the chance to interact in the adventure as well. You do have to make reservations for the Pirates dinner show as it’s not something to just show up and plan to get in, even in the off-season months.

MapleLeafTickets has discount tickets for the show at something around 45% off normal gate price. That price also includes all the sales tax as well. Some of the other ticket places that I checked out don’t include the tax so you may think you are getting a great deal until you get to checkout. You just have to make sure and let them know that you have pre-paid passes when you are making the reservations.

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