Medieval Times

Speaking of the dinner shows that I want to go to eventually, there is another that looks even better than the pirates one. Medieval Times Dinner Show is in Kissimmee, Florida and it looks to be every bit as spectacular as the other one. MapleLeafTickets has discount tickets to this show as well and since tax is included in the advance ticket purchases it’s a darn good deal.


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You get to feast in a castle while Knights on horseback joust to the death. I love the Renaissance festival when it comes to Georgia, and this is a permanent place that you can get to year round and visit. Very nice. The victorious knight becomes the King’s champion gets to select his Queen of Love and Beauty from among the castle’s fair maidens.

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Medieval Times has several locations around the country so be sure that you know when you are buying discount tickets from that you are getting tickets for the Kissimmee Medieval Times dinner show.

All of the pageantry that you would expect from a show of this caliber is there. Beautiful dresses on supple maidens, proud knights, and strong horses all combine to entertain you to the most. As I pointed out earlier, the knights start out jousting on horseback which eventually evolves into close combat on the ground with authentic period weaponry.