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  • I’ve spent most of the evening importing entries into the database for the move to the MT 4 templates. Some of the archiving stuff isn’t working 100% yest so I am not able to rebuild everything dynamically. Not sure yet if it’s because of the beta status of MT or if there is something wrong with my database. Either way most of the stuff should be working properly.

    Once I am able to start rebuilding everything dynamically things should speed up a bit.

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    I still seem to be having issues with connecting to my site on and off as well as with the SQL server. Screw it. I am going to get my sales and staffing shortly and go to bed. I am mainly just working on the finishing up touches on the new site but I keep finding stuff to change and fix. It’ll be done at some point soon :)

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    I sent emails to my Representatives last week about the REAL I.D. Act (in opposition) and just received this one back from Phil Gingrey’s office.

    June 28, 2007

    Mr. Richard Miles


    Somewhere, GA 30179

    Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R. 418 the Real I.D. Act as introduced by Chairman Sensenbrenner of the House Judiciary Committee in the 109th Congress.

    Considering our nation’s recent focus on Homeland Security and the War on Terror, I believe it is more important than ever to examine and reform existing immigration laws. We must control immigration and prevent terrorism without tarnishing our history as a nation of immigrants.

    I agree, it is important to update immigration laws to represent the ever-changing social landscape and needs of our country. During our current national crisis, we must be especially careful to balance security with legal immigration. I believe our limited economic resources dictate a need to manage and thoroughly examine our immigration levels to ensure that we are not overstretching our national and local resources.

    With a porous border, our current level of security must be bolstered to apprehend illegal aliens and intruders looking to endanger our country and its citizens. I believe the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission to strengthen our border security and the move by Congress to include these recommendations in H.R. 10 were appropriate. However, on December 7, 2004, S.2845, the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004 cleared the House/Senate Conference Committee without the immigration recommendations and passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 336 to 75.

    These immigration provisions included: eliminating the Western Hemisphere exceptions for United States citizens, modifying authority to waive documentation requirements for Canadian, Mexican, and Caribbean nationals, establishing a standard for identification required by aliens, and establishing minimum national standards for State-issued driver’s licenses. In response, Chairman Sensenbrenner introduced H.R. 418 the Real I.D. Act (the left out 9/11 provisions wrapped into a separate new bill), which passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 261-161 on February 10, 2005. I believe this legislation is necessary to regain control over our border and strengthen current immigration policy.

    Again, thank you for sharing your concerns. Please feel free to contact me again if I can be of further assistance. Also, you may like to know that you can contact me via email at my website

    In other words, “Thank you for contacting us but we feel like more big brother in your life is just what you need in addition to more money in the federal governments coffers, so…


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    At least it looks like the track-backs are still showing up properly on the page. I knew I was still getting them because the stupid spammers have started back, but I wasn’t sure if my OTA links would show up properly.

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    The theme for this week’s Photo Hunt Saturday is Hair, which as you can see from my HNT post and the photo on the sidebar I have very little of right now, so here are some older pics

    1990-12-25 Christmas 01.jpg

    Christmas 1990

    Believe it or not, that’s me with all the hair in the upper right hand corner, and the toddler is my son who is leaving for Marine Corp boot camp tomorrow. Damn time flies when you are having fun. I still don’t know how well comments are working but even if you get an error they should show up. I will get it fixed eventually.

    One more of me with real hair.

    1984-11 New York City 01.jpg

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    I have taken to watching a lot of my news on video rather than getting it from CNN or Fox and I just ran across this story. This sucks. I hope they find the bastard and string him up by his nutsack.

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    With the Boy leaving for boot camp on Monday the oldest girl, Pete, is already clamoring to take his room over. I told her she should wait for awhile, but she is pretty adamant about getting his room. I don’t really mind although it’s going to be difficult for her little sister. What is going to be difficult is the fact that they sleep in a set of bunk beds except for when RePete is sleeping on my bedroom floor. That means that I will have to get new furniture for the kid’s rooms. Doh! Another expense. Coaster Furniture has some pretty decent deals that I was looking at earlier this evening, they may be one of my choices.

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    I have seriously hosed my system. I upgraded it but because of my default templates and most of the garbage that’s been her for a few years it’s pretty messy. I have it where it will reindex the main page now and at least a couple of the entries are up, I don’t know if the comments are working or not. They may work from the individual pages or may not. I will check it out. It may be a few days before I get things right here again because of work hours, be patient

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    It's kind of interesting that I found this today. I don't particularly know why I am paranoid about it, but
    when I go back to the doctor on Tuesday to discuss the results of my cholesterol test I have to schedule a PSA.
    That's something I've never had done. The PSA is the Prostate-Specific Antigen test. My insurance company
    gives us a break if I get one every year, and from what I understand the FDA approved the use of the PSA test to help
    detect prostate cancer in men over 50. No, I'm not 50 yet but it's an insurance thing. Apparently they also
    use the PSA test to monitor patients with a history of prostate cancer to see if it has come back.

    I did a bit of reading on prostate cancer earlier this evening in between dueling phone calls from one of my stores
    and a waitress that walked out and it is pretty nasty (the cancer, the phone calls are an entirely different story.

    Apparently it's normal to have low levels of PSA in your blood, but cancer and some benign conditions can
    increase PSA levels, thus the test. I also did some reading on treatments as well. One prostate cancer treatment in particular that I found kind of interesting is
    called HIFU. Apparently they are currently in phase three of clinical trials for HIFU treatment right now. HIFU is
    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It uses ultrasound to destroy deep-seated tissue with extremely good accuracy
    without any kind of invasive surgery. That's way too cool. I don't even pretend to understand the technical
    details, I just leave that part to my wife and try not to nod off during the explanation.

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    Holy cow. I haven’t read anything about this story before now, but her parents must be weeping with relief. Apparently the police located the hidden room when they showed up for a DNA swab of the alleged suspects that held her prisoner.

    The Police believe that the girl they found is Danielle Cramer, 15, who has been missing since June of 2006.


    The arrested parties were apparently business associates of Cramer’s family.

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    I don’t normally have much sympathy for a scumbag like this, but the fact that he owned his property and restaurant BEFORE the daycare centers opened make for an interesting case. I certainly wouldn’t want to take my kids in his damn restaurant though.

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    Apparently, at least according to their attorney, John Ramsey and Beth Twitty have become close friends. This really isn’t any kind of news at all, the only reason I am posting it at all is because I was extremely interested in the Natalee Holloway case and still occasionally post new links and news.

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    At the ren fest…

    Originally uploaded by rmiles

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