Staffed Again!…

Not like that! Damn. All three of my managers are in today for the first time in eleven days. Thank goodness. If I had to deal with two open stores for another day I was going to scream. It was a pretty short day overall. I didn’t get to sleep until around three this morning due to my nap yesterday, and then I slept until about six. That put me at work at ten after seven which was about forty minutes later than I normally go in. I farted around at two of the stores for a couple of hours, checking managers back into their money and food from vacations and off days and then headed over to the other store where I was to cook. It was pretty slow so I caught up a bunch of paperwork for him as well as my own. I might have cooked for a total of about thirty minutes.

After that I headed to the bank and then back to the other two stores where I cooked for awhile. I ended up having to bail out the manager and her THREE cooks at my busiest store. They were just having a hard time working together so I caught them up and headed home about 12:30 or so. Pretty darned early for me on a Saturday. Actually it was DAMNED early for me on ANY day. I am going to attempt to repeat the pattern again tomorrow. I don’t get any days off this week so I certainly don’t feel guilty about it.

Somehow all of my employees in all three stores managed to get to work tonight as well. I don’t know how they managed that one but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I have a few more posts I want to get up tonight and then I’m headed for bed. Even with getting now sleep last night I decided NOT to nap today. I would like to get a full night’s sleep so that I don’t feel; like shit tomorrow.