June 4, 2007


…seems to be seriously dragging tonight. I know it certainly is taking my sidebar forever to load because Twitter is hanging. It’s a cool little app but like blogcatalog also hangs sometimes I may end up dumping both if they don’t increase their bandwidth.

New York

A few months ago I posted a couple of pictures from when I went to New York. One of the things that my friends dad looked at doing when we went there to visit was possibly getting baseball tickets from a New York ticket broker. He ended up not being able to and we went…Read more

More About Lighting…

Yeah, I know. Booorrrinnggg. One thing I did install in the kitchen a couple of years ago was some temporary lighting on the top of my kitchen cabinets and hooked them to an X10 appliance module that would turn them on whenever it was dark and motion was detected in the kitchen. I know…pretty geeky…Read more

Lighting in the Dining Room

I haven’t had much of an opportunity lately to work on any of my home automation projects, but the next thing I want to do is start looking at Chandeliers for the dining room. I already have a bit of the kitchen/dining are wired up and right now I have a ceiling fan in there,…Read more

Strange Things You Find…

…in restaurant coolers. About a year after I started working for my company, I worked for a manager that needed to get a bit mellow before work. I cooked on the graveyard shift and every morning before work she and the entire day shift would all go back out on the back porch and burn…Read more