Strange Things You Find…

…in restaurant coolers.

About a year after I started working for my company, I worked for a manager that needed to get a bit mellow before work. I cooked on the graveyard shift and every morning before work she and the entire day shift would all go back out on the back porch and burn themselves one. She would leave the keys with me at night, and once I found her stash. She kept them rolled up in the freezer in her commissary. Very weird.

I occasionally will keep a six pack of Dr Pepper in the cooler as that is what I prefer to drink. Last week I finally got around to cleaning and organizing the food storage areas in my restaurants and in one of the really nasty ones I found three gallons of ice cream in the freezer. Since old dude spends way too much time sitting in the office and eating ice cream rather than doing things like his job, I got rid of it.

One of the others had a six pack of some kind of Energy Drink in her cooler. I left it alone. She is very driven and organized and even though I probably should have gotten rid of it as well, I decided that it was the least of my worries.