June 12, 2007


With it being my day off I probably would have gotten started much earlier with my posting and some of the yard work I wanted to do, but when I got up this morning my connection was down. Once I got home from the doctor I fooled with it for a couple of hours, got…Read more

Tramp Stamp Tuesday

Well, maybe one more just for today. This is the last one that I took at the ren fest on June 3rd. Next week I suppose I will have to go back to general ones that I find on the Internet. I did see something truly unsettling a couple of weeks ago though. Of course…Read more

This is my keyboard…

…after having spilled coffee on it yesterday morning. I thought I had snatched it off my desk fast enough and gotten everything wiped up but when i got home last night most of the keys on the right side were sticking. A little cleanup later.. The keys are drying right now. Hopefully everything will be…Read more

I’m Saving Energy!!

According to this article using black Google rather than white Google saves energy. Why’s it always got to be about black and white any way? Damn racists… Anyway, that means my web site is saving you money every time you come here. You can send all extra proceeds to my Paypal account.


Even though I post quite often about skinning and Windows customization over at my tech site as well as here, one thing I don’t talk about much and is one of the oldest ways to customize your desktop, is wallpaper. Just by changing your wallpaper you can change the entire feel of your working environment…Read more