Even though I post quite often about skinning and Windows customization over at my tech site as well as here, one thing I don’t talk about much and is one of the oldest ways to customize your desktop, is wallpaper. Just by changing your wallpaper you can change the entire feel of your working environment on the computer.

This review sponsored by vcars.co.uk is a web site where you can find all sorts of wallpapers and screensavers for download. Check out some of the Ford wallpapers and screensavers. This one is a pretty low res picture of the Ford GT40, but the full wallpaper is much better.


They also have plenty of other cars to choose from as well, such as the Mustang and the Iosis. I had never even seen an Iosis before I saw the wallpaper and it looks really sharp. I am hopefully getting a new car this fall, and that or the ‘stang with the pony kit would just be too sharp.

As I mentioned before they also have screensavers. Check out this Ford Screensaver that is posted at Youtube.

That’s pretty cool. I generally just stick with whatever generic screensaver is installed on my PC at the time, but those are pretty nice.

I have never used cars for my wallpaper before but some of these are pretty sharp. They also have a ton of other sweet makes and models aside from Ford to choose from, including Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Hummers, Porsche, and quite a few more. If you are an auto enthusiast this is the place for you.


This is the Ford Iosis that I mentioned. It looks pretty sharp.

VCars sells Used Cars, and even though I am not currently looking for a used car, I do love the wallpapers. They are a network of 50 manufacturing specific websites that helps you find used cars in your area. They update the car listings daily, so there is always something new to look at.

Anyway, back to the wallpapers. Check out this Mustang wallpaper.


I have loved the Mustang ever since I was a little kid. My mom had one from the late sixties when I was small, and then had a Mustang II back in the seventies. A true muscle car. When I lived with some friends about twenty years ago, one of them had a very old baby blue Mustang convertible that I fell in love with.